ESTYA International Education seeks to provide a practical learning experience for students through our innovative teaching and learning methods, a strong global focus, and 21st century professional and career skills adapted to the business environment.


  • Excellence: We are committed to providing all our students with an optimal learning experiences, through innovative teaching and learning opportunities to apply their skills to businesses in need of fresh perspectives.
  • Employability: We want our students to be the 21st century skilled professionals. We are committed to producing employable students with a wide range of skills relevant to today‚Äôs businesses.
  • Equitable Access: We embrace all aspects of human diversity and ensure its necessity for a vibrant learning environment. We facilitate access to students from all walks of life, providing them with the innovative skills, enabling them to have a positive impact on society and businesses.
  • Engagement: We are committed to working collegially and collaboratively with all our internal and external partners; students, global software providers, businesses, universities, educational partners, not-for profit, and communities, striving to improve education and support the growth and success of our students and professionals.

All our programs, both online and on-campus have a high focus on acquiring practical and employability and our mentors are here to help you accelerate your educ